Magic Powers VANue 

The Magic Powers VANue is quite simply a Van with a stage attached to the back for outdoor performances to occur. For the past two years, Prince (human and dog friendly pooch) and I have been on and off of the road at festivals, in city parks, in folks back yards performing, teaching and living out of it, collecting the POWER and MAGIC of human heart connection through authentic expression and collaborative sharing. 

The VANue has been featured at the Evolutions Festival, Barning Man, Love Burn in Miami, at Congress Square Park in Portland Oregon, and many back yards, side yards, farms and driveways along the east coast from Florida to Maine. 

At Festivals

 I perform sets of my music projects from the VANue (as Liana Gabel and Magdalen), host open mics  and leave space for all types of spontaneous individual and collaborative performance magic to occur. From this 4x6 ft VANue stage, I manage the stage, provide lighting, provide sound gear, run sound, act as the stages in house tap dancer/singer-songwriter, provide a guitar for folks to play if they would like to and encourage all to get involved

In Your Yard

 The VANue is available for public and private yard/driveway/park shows. From the VANue I am able to perform from my variouse projects listen below. At each show there is an opprtunity for an open mic  stage to provide a space for friends, neighbors and newcomers to share. Contact Liana for pricing. No one is turned away for lack of funds. 

Liana Gabel 

Join Liana for a set of Pete Seeger inspired original songs.

Its folk songs with tap dancing to rattle, harmonise and stregnthen the collective human heart.

Flatfooting/ Percussive Dance Workshop

 Would you like to learn the art of percussive dance? Lets get the boards out, some fiddle tunes ringing  and learn together.  I teach a family fun and easy paced percussive dance class. All ages are welcome! At the class we will learn flatfooting basics like the double chug, the two sound walking step and the flat footers alamo. We will learn how to mix, cross and move these steps around the floor supporting the rhythm of the music. A bit of tap dance will be mixed in as well! 


 An electronic music  song and dance perfomed by a mystic woman who for thousands of years has been misunderstood. 

This Magic Powers VANue has been helped along by my committed crew - Kathleen Mandeville of IgniVox , Dan Getman of The Well, and Madeleine Grace of Sonic Elixers and those many human alike you who have hosted it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Let us continue to sing, dance and share together!